Do you really know how to use eye patch and tape appropriatly?


When do eyelash extension, eye patch and tape play a necessary part during the process? The effect of the eye tape and eye patch is to isolate upper and lower eyelashes so that it can avoid adhesion of upper and lower eyelashes and protect the surroundings of the eyelids from harm and to provides a convenient handling of the grafted state.


When using eye patch and tape, some tip you need to pay attention:

  1. Do not touch the eyeballs or mucous membranes.

Eyeball turns can cause small wounds if the tape/eye contact touches the eyeball or mucous membrane. This is the first point you need to pay attention and also is the most important point during the whole process of the eyelash extension.



  1. Do not cause eye irritation.

The wrong way of paste will make eyes slightly. If the eyes operate slightly, the eyeball loses its moisturizing power. Severe cases can cause dry eyes. Therefore, provide a comfortable extension environment to the customer also will increase the customer satisfaction.


  1. Don't remove beads and put extension glue on the eye patch and tape.

This action will not only bring uncomfortable feeling to customers but also will make customers tear, what is worse will make customers have itches feeling the anaphylactic reaction.


In conclusion, if you want to create a high customer satisfaction, please follow the attention point, not only for the customer but also will improve your professional skills.

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